Lifejackets – will yours work?

Workshop Leader: Terry Corner

We say lifejackets can save your life but only if worn. No one knows when an incident occurs, so the protection is to have your jacket worn and adjusted to be comfortable. We will talk about buoyancy aids and lifejackets. What they are designed to do. Why a flotation device is important. The instinctive response to sudden immersion is gasping, thrashing and swimming hard. All potentially killers. Increases chances of water entering the lungs, increases the strain on the heart, cools the skin and lets air escape from clothing. All though counter-intuitive the best course is fight your instinct and try to float for a time. Cold water effects quickly pass. Serious topics but we hope to use some humour to lighten the message. We will conduct some clinics to show how users can check their own jackets. How many will have out of date auto firing heads, the bobbins?