Insurance for cruising

Workshop Leader: Robert Stevens (Topsail Insurance)

In this workshop we will look at all the issues around insuring your boat and checking you are covered for all eventualities. Topsail are a Partnership Organisation of the Cruising Association providing Yacht and Yacht Travel Insurance. Rob is the MD and has been involved with marine insurance since he left school 100 years ago ! Topsail is based in Brighton Marina and in Perth Australia and in September, he is going out to Sydney to open a third office.

Rob caught the sailing bug at school on traditional Norfolk Broads gaff rigged yachts which he sailed for many years. This extended more recently to chartering in the Med and he is looking forward to some sailing in Sydney harbour.

Rob’s talk will give you some tips and explanations of yacht and yacht travel insurance, and what insurance you might need to think about for your longer range cruising.