Engine maintenance for dummies

Workshop Leader: Andy Notley & Matthew Hatherly (Volspec)

This workshop will be an introduction to diesel engines including hints, tips & practical demonstrations of common problems and how to resolve them.

1. The theory of how a diesel engine works:

  • Slides of the major engine components, how they interact and how they can fail or wear
  • Common service points regardless of the engine manufacturer or model

2. System basics, inc. identifying the major components regardless of the engine manufacturer or model

  • Fuel system
  • Fresh water cooling system
  • Raw water cooling system
  • Inlet & exhaust system
  • Electrical system

3. Practical demonstrations:

  • How to drain the fuel system, change a fuel filter & bleed out the air
  • How to change an impeller
  • How to carry out valve clearance checks/adjustment

4. Open floor for questions